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Air Conditioner Replacement

The Pacific Northwest offers incredible weather throughout most of the year. But the summer heatwaves that have come nearly every year can be unbearable. Without a smooth running air conditioner, the air inside your house may be just as hot. And it will give no escape from the heat. Even in the great Pacific Northwest, air conditioning is necessary for a great summer.

Many may not think of air conditioners when they think of the Pacific Northwest. But the team at Clean Air Heating and Cooling has the expertise and knowledge to answer any questions you may have about your air conditioning needs. We can walk you through diagnosing what you need. This diagnosis is whether you need a replacement or repair for your current unit.

Replacement in Bellingham

With our roots here in the Bellingham, WA, Clean Air Heating and Cooling is the natural choice for air conditioner replacement or maintenance. Our location and ownership allow us to provide quick service and trustworthy knowledge.

We have decades of experience in the industry. Our technicians will work with you to diagnose potential issues with your air conditioner. And we will go through options and advice you can trust. Our 24/7 service line means you don’t need to delay speaking with the team. We are available anytime, and you can call when it is most convenient.

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Signs It Might Be Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Our technicians will do a full inspection of your air conditioner. We provide a detailed diagnosis on whether a repair is possible or a replacement is required. Before the technician arrives, there are a few signs to look for that will show your system is not performing properly.

  • The airflow throughout your house is either weak or drafty in certain areas.
  • You notice large fluctuations in your energy bills
  • The air conditioner is rarely idling
  • Your air conditioner unit is older than 12 years old

Replacement and Installation Process

The team at Clean Air Heating and Cooling will provide you with complete care and service for your home’s cooling system. We can handle and install units from most major air conditioning manufacturers.

We will consult with you to determine your preferences and expectations with the new system. This consultation happens before the team begins the installation or removal of your old system. Many models and variations might work. So we will custom tailor the system to meet your wishes and the specific needs of your home.

We never compromise on safety. And we follow all local ordinances and codes on noise and air conditioner replacement. We also do not compromise on quality or durability for compliance with the regulations or ease of installation.

Once the installation is complete, the team will conduct a full system inspection of the installation. We will ensure all remnants from the installation processes or old systems are properly disposed of.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service

It takes outside air temperatures of only 91 degrees Fahrenheit to cause heat-related illnesses. An air conditioner that stops working can create an unnecessary health risk. At Clean Air Heating and Cooling, we know how fast you will want your air conditioner up and running again. Especially during a heatwave.

Regardless of the time, our trained expert technicians will come to your home. We will make all the repairs needed to bring cool and comfortable air back inside your home. These repairs will not just be temporary fixes either. Our technicians will put the same amount of pride into their work anytime they can help you live more comfortably in your home.

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Repair Instead of Replacement

Technology continues to advance within the heating and cooling industry. So, the efficiencies of newer models are significantly higher than older models. But, that does not always mean your air conditioner should be replaced if it starts to fail.

The expert technicians at Clean Air Heating and Cooling can repair almost any heating and cooling system. We can provide many years more of service. From outside air conditioner units and inside mini-splits to furnaces and heat pumps, our team will provide the same superior service. Even if we are not replacing the entire system.

Tune-Up To Give An Extra Boost

A tune-up of the system can provide a boost for the cooling of your home. And potentially make the unit more efficient to save you money on energy bills. Even if your air conditioner seems to be working and is not showing any signs of failing parts, a tune-up can help.

We provide the same great service whether repairing or replacing the air conditioner system. Our team of specialists will schedule a time most convenient for you. And we will provide a whole system inspection and tune-up. Before we replace any parts or fluids, we will be upfront about the costs so there are no surprises.

Call Today

Call now for a consultation and to schedule an inspection of your home’s cooling system! We can discuss many options over the phone. Including potential finance options and installation availability. Often, we can offer same-day or next-day installation. So you can start enjoying cooler air inside your home right away!

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I have had many dealings with contractors over the past 50 years. Clean Air Comfort Systems recently installed a mini split system heat pump to replace our electric baseboard heat system. While it is to early to determine the operating efficiency, I am pleased to report this as the first 5 star experience I've ever enjoyed.
- Phil McRee
Always good service from technicians to their customer service. My technician today for my yearly service was Easton. He was personable, knowledgeable and familiar with my units. He spend extra time problem solving an issue I had and advising me of solutions. All the technicians that have provided service over the years have been great. I recommend Clean Air to anyone for quality service!
- Janice Williams

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