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Heating & Cooling Your Home With Mini-Splits

At Clean Air Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our passion. Whether you need new unit installation, repair, or if your system needs regular maintenance, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of services such as heating, cooling, saving energy and utility costs, air purification, and fireplaces in your home.

When it comes to cooling, we service air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless heat pumps. One variety of air conditioners is called a Mini Split. It is different from a traditional central heating and air system.

What Is a Mini-Split?

A Mini Split is a smaller version of typical split duct systems that central air conditioning units have. Both central systems and Mini Splits have an indoor air handler. This is the part you control with a remote inside your home. They also have an outdoor condenser/compressor which removes hot air and compresses it to cool and pump inside your home.

It’s a two-part system without the ducts that a traditional central HVAC system has. It has one outdoor component and one indoor component, connected by a few lines.

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What Are the Advantages of a Mini Split?

Mini Splits do not have ducts running throughout your home. So they are a great way to save energy and mitigate utility costs. During the summer, much of the cool air produced by a central system escapes before it can ever cool your home. Sometimes up to one-third of this air escapes into the atmosphere.

This cool air escapes due to leaky, broken ducts or old, faulty heat pump systems. If you remove the ducts the air travels through altogether, there is little to no air lost, and you can save big.

Not only are Mini Splits more environmentally friendly than electricity-guzzling central units. They can also save you utility expenses by using less electricity to cool down a space. Mini Splits can be 70% more efficient at cooling your home than AC units made in the 1990s.

Besides saving energy and costs, Mini Splits are also convenient. You can use them to focus the cooling zone in whichever room they’re installed. There are standup units that sit on the floor. These standup units are for larger spaces like living rooms and kitchens. They can also be mounted high on a wall, and these smaller Mini Splits are the ones used in bedrooms and home offices. They are all remote-controlled units. So you can change the settings without even leaving your chair.

Mini Split Components

There are three main parts to a Mini Split. And the energy efficiency lies in these components and how they work together. The heat pump is what you see outside. It’s a smaller outdoor unit than central HVAC systems, but it’s essentially the same. This powerhouse is how the Mini Split takes air from outside and cools or heats it, depending on the season.

The indoor component, the actual air conditioning piece that you see, is the one that blows air. These are the pieces that you can control with a remote to choose the temperature, mode, fan speed, and swing. This part either stands up on the floor (these are tower-shaped) or is mounted on the wall or ceiling.

The two main components are connected through suction lines, refrigerant lines, and power lines. There are absolutely no ducts involved in a Mini Split air conditioning unit. You never have to worry about a leaky duct or other complicated pieces. This build makes a Mini Split an excellent choice to save energy and money. These small lines each have their job to do, and they are smaller and less bulky than air conditioning ducts.

Installing a Mini Split

Keep in mind that with the benefits of Mini Splits come the complications of installing a Mini Split. The installation process tends to be more invasive for Mini Splits. As they don’t have a designated closet/area of a hallway that homebuilders make for central systems. The installer must make a hole in the wall that leads to the outdoor side of the wall.

First, measure the rooms that need air conditioning or heating. Then the installer can figure out how many Mini Splits are needed, where to install them, and how big they should be. Then you can calculate the square footage of the rooms in question. Each Mini Split system will have the square footage it serves in any information about it.

Not all HVAC technicians have certification in the world of Mini Splits. These are newer additions to US homes. Although, they are the primary form of air conditioning all over Asia. You have to make sure you’re interested in having Mini Splits in your home. You should find a qualified HVAC specialist to help you with installation.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as drilling a hole in the wall and connecting the unit to a power supply. The HVAC specialist will need to perform tests in the rooms where you need a Mini Split. These tests are to determine the supply and return registers for air in each room. They can also tell you what you need to do to create a more balanced airflow through your home. Then the installation can begin.

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We love supporting small businesses and families in Northwest Washington as we are a family-owned small business. Let our family serve yours by providing installation, repair, and maintenance services you can depend on.

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Always good service from technicians to their customer service. My technician today for my yearly service was Easton. He was personable, knowledgeable and familiar with my units. He spend extra time problem solving an issue I had and advising me of solutions. All the technicians that have provided service over the years have been great. I recommend Clean Air to anyone for quality service!
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