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Are you in need of emergency HVAC service in the Bellingham, WA area? We would love to help you! Call Clean Air Heating & Cooling today for all of your no-heat emergency needs!

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A broken heater is the last thing you want on a hot, muggy Bellingham summer day. So instead of making ends meet by overheating with the windows open fans-running all summer long, call Clean Air anytime, 24 hours, seven days a week. 

We’ve made home repairs our top priority so you can make turning your house into a home yours. 

Clean Air is happy to serve families across Whatcom County as Bellingham’s top-rated ac heating and cooling service. 

Our certified Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning technicians are ready for service year-round. That means we even have your back when the world sleeps. 

Clean Air proudly walks our customers through our professional-grade HVAC services from start to finish, morning or midnight. Call Clean Air today to get 5-star affordable maintenance no matter the weather or time of day.

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How Do I Know If I Have an HVAC Emergency?

Our Clean Air HVAC technicians recommend that homeowners get the most out of their HVAC systems by recognizing the early signs of HVAC emergency repairs

Invisible gasses can fill areas of your home with stinky egg sulfurous poisonous smells. Or you might notice large pools of water overgrowing that could signify a dangerous flooding situation.

Other signs include: 

  • AC or heating system shut off 
  • HVAC unit is not evenly distributing air temperature throughout your home
  • Your AC sounds like it is banging or rumbling
  • The system has a sudden break trip
  • HVAC equipment is giving off gassy odors
  • AC heating unit leaking water or coolant

Though these may seem like something, you should find a bucket to stop the dripping or open a window for fresh air, but the truth is you’ll probably make it worse. Also, DIY fixes are temporary and can cost more in the long run and further damage the repair. And you can never get that time back. 

Clean Air technicians know the ins and outs of these systems. We guarantee to give you the ease of mind knowing that your family can enjoy your home while protecting them from the outdoor weather and indoor problems. 

Professional Honest Service

Our AC and heating technicians are professionally trained, licensed, and insured to give you that extra hour in your day back with quick repairs.

In addition, they can show you how ac heating works and at the same time deliver superior HVAC diagnosis with our Free Estimates, any time, seven days a week. 

We give you economical solutions to DIYs gone wrong, bad repairs, and unexpected emergencies when your ac heating is not working. 

Dial Clean Air today for heating and cooling emergencies, or choose to schedule an appointment for AC installation, maintenance, and tune-ups. We respect your busy schedule, and we’re available 24/7 to show you how much we appreciate your business.

Clean Air Services

Clean Air is the gold standard for Whatcom County’s air conditioner and heating service for air condition systems in the Bellingham area. We put families and their homes above booking out customers weeks in advance. 

Our mission is to repair appliances that de-stress homes and add comfort through simple problem-solving and repair.

Our Free Estimates diagnose HVAC problems that help you determine which HVAC installation or repairs are suitable for your home. 

  • 24/7 Emergency Repair
  • HVAC heating efficiency guarantees energy savings.  
  • Air Conditioning repair 
  • AC Installation & Replacements
  • AC Maintenance & Tune-ups
  • Ventilation installation and repair 
  • Heating repair services 
  • Air quality control
  • And More!

We guarantee monthly savings with each repair, maintenance, and installation service or your money back. We offer exceptional service with your comfort goals in mind. If we cannot deliver a fix, we guarantee to place you with the second-best HVAC repairs in Bellingham.

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Maintenance for Your AC Equipment

Our talented team provides excellent air conditioning diagnosis and solution applications. They can see potential issues before they become your big headache. And they are classically trained to install traditional HVAC systems and create customizable layouts

Homeowners can regularly check their AC system in Spring and Fall to prepare for hot summer days and frigid winter months. AC maintenance is the best preventive measure for staying cool in the summer and nice and warm in winter. 

Failure to maintain AC equipment could lead to high-cost damage and repair. Or worse, you could lose a family heirloom to water damage. 

We install a quiet AC heating system so that you can enjoy the natural sounds of your home. 

Why Choose Clean Air Heating and Cooling

Clean Air is the gold standard in 24-hour emergency AC repair Bellingham homeowners trust. Clean Air friendly technicians arrive work-ready with fair rates, upfront pricing, and unmatched expertise that solve all of your HVAC emergencies. 

With Clean Air, you don’t have to compromise with DIY fixes. You don’t ever have to beat yourself up again for putting off a fix too long. And you don’t have to worry if suddenly your furnace bursts in the middle of the night after getting home from the graveyard shift. 

Clean Air happily serves the community 24-hours a day.  

We carefully hand-picked our AC heating technicians and only hired the best specialist in the Whatcom County area. 

 We’ll be transparent about whether you should use ac with heat, ac heating replacement costs, ac heating system prices, and more. 

We believe family is the glue to the culture. And your home is the glue to your family. So don’t ever settle or compromise for mediocre HVAC services. 

We do things the Clean Air way, and our customers agree! Our customers trust us always to provide the best heating and cooling services. 

See for yourself and book a free estimate call today with our HVAC experts.

Contacts Us Any Time 24/7 365 for Emergency HVAC Repair

Save your home from an emergency and call Clean Air today for a free maintenance or repair quote. 

Thank you for supporting our business. Our HVAC technicians are waiting. 

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Emergency HVAC Testimonials

I have had many dealings with contractors over the past 50 years. Clean Air Comfort Systems recently installed a mini split system heat pump to replace our electric baseboard heat system. While it is to early to determine the operating efficiency, I am pleased to report this as the first 5 star experience I've ever enjoyed.
- Phil McRee
Always good service from technicians to their customer service. My technician today for my yearly service was Easton. He was personable, knowledgeable and familiar with my units. He spend extra time problem solving an issue I had and advising me of solutions. All the technicians that have provided service over the years have been great. I recommend Clean Air to anyone for quality service!
- Janice Williams

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We’ll evaluate your home, discuss your needs, and agree on next steps.

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Installation & Repair

We show up on time, and get the work done to install your HVAC system with no headaches.

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Stay Comfortable

We will have your new HVAC system installed in 1-2 days, helping you and your family get comfortable quickly.