Top 10 Lawn Care Companies in Bellingham, WA

Local Bellingham lawn care Businesses

There are many aspects involved in maintaining a home. At Clean Air Heating and Cooling, we handle your heating and cooling needs. However, you’ll still require other services like lawn care to keep your property in its best shape. Thankfully, we’ve done the research and gathered the best companies offering lawn care in Bellingham, WA. Keep this list in mind whenever the weeds start to get high or the trees need some pruning.

1. Augusta Lawn Care Services

Augusta Lawn Care Services is one of the most trusted businesses in western Washington. They have a dedicated and experienced team offering premier services throughout Whatcom County. In fact, you can rely on them for lawn care and maintenance, landscape design, and even property cleanups. 

Phone Number: 360-350-5500

Address: 5309 Guide Meridian Rd. Suite 3, Bellingham, WA, 98226


2. Green Thumb Company 

Serving Bellingham since 1988, Green Thumb Company is a well-known name in the area. They offer comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties, working with owners to achieve 100% satisfaction. Whether you’re a small or big client, they’ll treat you with the same level of professionalism and friendliness. 

Phone Number: 360-671-5296

Address: PO Box 5414, Bellingham, WA 98227


3. Clean Cut Landscape

Clean Cut Landscape is a Bellingham, WA-based landscape company focused on delivering the ultimate experience with their top-notch lawn care services and trained lawn care professionals. With over 10 years experience in the industry, they resolve to bring the next level of landscape design and service has never been stronger!

They believe the Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful place on Earth. The natural beauty of Washington state’s landscape is breathtaking. That’s why we’re striving to make sure each lawn and landscape is of the same quality!

Phone Number: (360) 410-8188

Address: 1353 Colony Ct, Lynden, WA 98264


4. Whatcom Lawn

whatcom lawns logo

Whatcom Lawns is a Lynden-based company that serves Bellingham and the rest of the county. They’re an established lawn care business that’s been around since 1999, offering premier lawn maintenance solutions like irrigation, landscaping, tree pruning, and bed services. With their great management, dedicated crew, and top-notch services, Whatcom Lawns will not disappoint!

Phone Number: 360-354-5124

Address: 530 E. Wiser Lake Rd, Lynden, WA 98264


5. Dependable Yard Care

Dependable Yard Care has been in business for more than three decades and gained a reputation as a top lawn care company in Bellingham and surrounding areas. They work on all types of properties, offering services like lawn maintenance, moss and weed control, irrigation installation, and seasonal cleanups. They also have licensed technicians for chemical applications.

Phone Number: 360-676-0722

Address: 3033 Lynn St, Bellingham, WA 98225


6. JB’s Lawn Service

JB's lawn service

JB’s Lawn Service isn’t your typical landscaping company. Their experienced team restores and maintains landscapes with precision, efficiency, and care! They have the tools and time to take care of your yard in a quick, efficient and professional manner! Their team is insured, properly equipped, and they have decades of experience in meeting the needs of Whatcom County businesses and homeowners. 

Phone Number: 360-510-6064

Address: Unlisted


7. Cascade Lawn Care

Cascade Lawn Care is on the more transformative side of things. They concentrate on lawn design, landscaping, and installation, helping you achieve an attractive lawn that fits your preferences. However, they do provide premier lawn care services like mowing, fertilizing, seasonal cleanups, and irrigation services. 

Phone Number: 360-389-2557

Address: 555 Lohink Pl, Bellingham, WA 98229


8. Rawls Tree Service

rawls tree service logo

Rawls Tree Service is dedicated to more heavy-duty work. Their expert arborists work together to remove large trees for both commercial and residential properties. If you have a large property with tall trees, you can rely on them for services like crown reduction, stump grinding, and storm damage cleanup.

Phone Number: 360-303-8825

Address:  2400 Meridian St, Bellingham, WA 98225


9. Landscaping By Garcia LLC

landscaping by garcia

Landscaping By Garcia LLC is another trusted company for lawn care needs. They focus more on landscaping, constructing concrete features, designing flower beds, and installing beautiful stoneworks. Aside from these main services, they offer lawn care and maintenance services like mowing, seasonal cleanups, and pruning.

Phone Number: 360-296-3572

Address: 707 Kelly Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226


10. Growsource


For those who want to DIY their lawn care and maintenance needs, you have Growsource. It’s the top seller in Bellingham for all gardening and lawn items. Turn to them for fertilizer and soil, tools and equipment, compost and mulch, rocks, and plants of all kinds. They’ve been around since 1996, so you know that their services and products are trusted by Bellingham residents. 

Phone Number: 360-318-8554

Address: 2200 Division Street, Bellingham, WA 98226


Final Thoughts: Lawn Care Bellingham, WA

Whenever you need top-quality lawn care and maintenance services for your property, turn to the companies we’ve listed above. You’re welcome to do your own research and find the businesses that best fit your needs. 

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