Top 10 Solar Companies in Bellingham, WA

top 10 solar companies in Bellingham WA

Using solar energy is one of the best investments residential and commercial property owners can make. After all, it offsets power usage, reducing electrical bills significantly. Additionally, Washington provides a sales tax exemption for purchasing these systems.

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to minimize your operating costs and boost your assets’ values, going solar is the ideal first step. This article will discuss the top solar Bellingham companies to help you find a reliable provider near you.

The top solar companies in the Bellingham, WA area:


1. Ecotech Solar

Founded in 2004, Ecotech Solar boasts being the only locally owned and operated contractor in Whatcom County. The company’s specialists draw inspiration from working across eleven countries and five continents to provide the community with world-class services. We recommend this group to anyone looking for a customized system for their property development projects.

Phone Number: (360) 318-7646

Address: 1331 Meador Ave., STE 103, Bellingham, WA


2. Western Solar, Inc.

Western Solar, Inc. has been serving the needs of Bellingham, WA property owners for over 20 years. It offers various energy-saving solutions apart from solar panels, including battery backup solutions and electric vehicle charging stations. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for such needs, this contractor is a good fit for you.

Phone Number: (360) 746-0859

Address: 4041 Home Rd., STE A, Bellingham, WA


3. Truly Electric & Solar

truly electric & solar logo

As the name suggests, Truly Electric & Solar offers top-quality solar power systems and generator installations.

Here’s a testimonial from one of the company’s satisfied clients: “Hands down, Truly Electric and Solar has helped me achieve a lifelong goal of living more sustainably while saving money at the same time.”

Request a consultation now to discover the ideal options for you.

Phone Number: (360) 228-9200

Address: 400 E Sunset Dr., Bellingham, WA


4. CapStone Solar

capstone solar logo

CapStone Solar is one of the most reliable solar installers in the state, with offices in Bellingham and Lacey. The brand aims to offer clients the highest quality solar equipment for the best value. To date, its experts have installed over 7,643 kilowatts of solar power, leading to over $8,917,610 in savings for customers.

Phone Number: (800) 583-3620

Address: 1645 Jills Ct Suite, Bellingham, WA


5. Universal Solar

universal solar logo

We recommend Universal Solar for entrepreneurs looking for energy-saving solutions for mid to large-scale projects. While based in Arizona, the company has an office in Bellingham, giving the community access to its global products. Whether you’re looking for solar systems, inverters, or racking, you can find them all at Universal Solar.

Phone Number: (787) 519-7517

Address: 896 San Juan Blvd., Bellingham, WA


6. Ducoterra

ducoterra logo

Inspired by the Latin words Ducor, which means to guide, and Terra, which means earth, Ducoterra aims to lead the infrared radiant heating industry. The company advertises its SolaRay product as the world’s thinnest panel, offering unmatched luxury and style. However, what we love about the brand’s green heating panels is their affordability, efficiency, and comfort.

Phone Number: (360) 788-4200

Address: 1645 Jills Ct Suite, Bellingham, WA


7. Silfab Solar

silfab solar logo

Silfab Solar proudly designs and engineers solar panels conducive to the North American environment. The team uses the latest technologies — including advanced robotics and automation — to deliver efficient panels with low defect rates. You can get in touch with a representative to find a recommended installer near you.

Phone Number: (360) 569-4733

Address: 800 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA


8. Greentech Renewables

greentech renewables logo

Greentech Renewables has made a name for itself as a trusted renewables industry distributor. The company has offices nationwide, one of which is in Bellingham. It serves the needs of Oak Harbor, Anacortes, Mt. Vernon, Port Angeles, and Sedro-Wooley areas. Contact one of their specialists to find an installer to address your service needs.

Phone Number: (360) 303-9487

Address: 1750 Moore St., Bellingham, WA


9. Banner Power Solutions

banner power solutions logo

Banner Power Solutions is a family-owned and operated company from Burlington. Since 2013, the company has served the needs of 250 property owners throughout Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, and Island counties. This figure is equivalent to reducing 120,000 trees’ worth of carbon emissions annually and over $8.3 million in savings for the next 30 years.

Phone Number: (360) 755-3030

Address: 130 East Hazel Ave., Burlington, WA


10. Fire Mountain Solar

fire mountain solar

Located in Mount Vernon, Fire Mountain Solar offers a simple and stress-free process to achieve your energy-saving goals. Since the company began operations in 2001, it has served thousands of home and business owners throughout the state. Whether you’re looking for solar panels, power system kits, or inverters, Fire Mountain Solar specialists will help you find the ideal solutions for your property.

Phone Number: (360) 422-5610

Address: 18388 Periwinkle Lane, Mount Vernon, WA


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